Gleaming with splendour you stand’ midst we comrades dear
O’erwhelmed with mirth we sing of Thee that you hear;
‘Tis with love and honour that our heads we bow to Thee,
Our Lord, we’re thine children – hail O, UCE
Blessed are we to be thy students, give us the knowledge,
Mighty thou are to be our Lord, grant us the courage;
For thy choicest blessings to shower on, we sing with glee,
Our Friend, echos thou shall hear of – hail O, UCE
Lead us thee Kindly light, show us the way right,
Give us that elixir of life, ‘ wisdom’ to live with might;
Glory to our masters all here and glory to each conferee,
Ave Lord, in thy honour we say – hail O, UCE
Jubilant episodes of thy victory are true and bold,
Fifty – years Youth thou are wit memories carved in gold;
With glory of Golden – Jubilee, here for centuries will thou be,
Our Alma Master, ballads of laurels we chant – hail O, UCE


M K Rajan was the Student Editor of the second magazine in the history of this college. Both as an alumni of this college and as an editor he has provided us with much inspiration. He was from the Batch of 1969, during when, he wrote this poem about our Alma Mater, which was celebrating it’s Golden Jubilee Celebration. We commend his spirit as a source of encouragement for all who follow this arduous path. We promise that we will get in touch with him at the earliest, to reach out his message to everyone and also convey our gratitude and well wishes to him. We will also publish the Editor’s note from the ‘69 magazine in the coming editions. Also, we would like to add that UVCE was known as UCE in the early days of its inception.