Hola UVCEians around the world!

December is all about letting go the bitter encounters and awaiting to embrace the fresh beginning of January and of course, the New Year. December is also about a bit of relaxation and bit of target setting. We, at Vision UVCE, are all set to welcome the new year with joy and also ardent to bring you all the 10th anniversary edition of Sampada. This edition is about prepping you all to be a part of this wonderful occasion.

November is a time where college is bustling with multiple activities. We bring you the alumni contributions that has brought everlasting changes the college. We also cover the colorful moments of Fiesta and Inspiron 19.0. We present you the feedback from the participants of Placement Boot Camp conducted by Vision UVCE. Best Class 2.0 event was held in JB Campus and we couldn’t resist sharing few of students’ thoughts.We also have featured couple of interviews in this edition

We have published the list of donors who have supported VU Scholarships during 2019-20. We have also listed down few of the initiatives from alumni at various capacities, for example UVCE Foundation and others.

We are just an edition away from celebrating the 10th Year anniversary of Sampada. We are already excited to bring you a Dhamakedhar Sampada for the next month. We can’t wait any further. But you must wait till then! Without you, this journey would not have been possible. So, now again requesting you to join us and share your feedback/suggestions for this special 10th Year Edition with us. Write to us at sampada@visionuvce.in! We will be looking forward to hear from you!


If you are not receiving Sampada Alert to your inbox, we are sorry!! We request you to reach out to us and help in building our alumni database. Do inform us