Namaskaara UVCEians, A very Happy NEW YEAR to all! May this year bring joy and prosperity to you!

New Year! Bringing everyone together for celebrations and instilling the hope for a new start in many, this is one occasion that is celebrated by all! We have another reason to celebrate, 2017 is here and its the Centenary Celebrations of UVCE and therefor this edition of Sampada is themed CENTENARY CELEBRATIONS SPECIAL.

Inside this edition you will find all the details about the Centenary Committee Announcement, VisionUVCE’s plan for the first event in the chain of centenary celebration events, what the students and alumni have to say and all the attention UVCE has garnered in the media. Catch snippets of all the discussion that happened on facebook about the action plan for Centenary Celebrations. We also need your support in terms of funding. Please do let us know if you or the company you are working in will be interested in sponsoring “Centenary Events”

Hope you enjoy this edition!