Wishing all our readers a Happy Ugadi, here’s hoping you have a good read with our special 75th Platinum Edition!

Yes, we are back with yet another edition of Sampada but this time its a special one! It’s our 75th Special Sampada Edition and the theme is Sports! Find inside stories and talks of namma Star UVCEians with their proud achievements in field of Sports!

Also this month UVCE is gearing up to host the two best fests IMPETUS and MILAGRO! The fest season has taken a toll on the students and one can witness that in the form of enthusiasm and energetic participation everywhere! You can get more details about the events in the websites below:

Special invitation to both students and alumni are inside the edition. See you all at the fests!

We also have snippets from interviews with few of our namma UVCEians who have not only made UVCE but India proud at International level. UVCE’s fame with the current college sports teams are showcased in campus says through our students words. Check the “Special Edition” today

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