As we move forward and step foot into the new year, we at VisionUVCE wish our readers a very Happy New Year and hope for all our readers to get everything they have wished for and more.

This edition, we celebrate the life of Dr. Roddam Narasimha Sir and look at how he not only held UVCE’s flag up-high, but our Nation’s flag up-high as well.

The list of recipients of the 10th VisionUVCE Scholarship is out! We extend a hearty congratulations to the awardees as well as the generous alumni that made this possible.

Join us to explore all this as well as the memories about UVCE Megarunion on its 10th Anniversary, the announcements of various initiatives at UVCEGA SAMACHAARA and much more in this packed edition of Sampada!

We hope you enjoy this edition. Do not forget to spread the word until we see you again soon! Please write to us at and we will elated!


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