We are glad to announce the list of VisionUVCE Scholarship awardees for the year 2020-21 – “Tenth Year” in a row. Congratulations to the awardees!!

We have tried our best to help the maximum people possible within the constraints – video applications, online interviews, pandemic scare, higher expectations etc. We are thankful to the alumni for the support and showing us that when there is a need, there is no dearth of helping hands. This year, we also came up with lending Laptops to the students apart from the financial support.

We know and understand that each of the people were eligible and deserving. We assure that, apart from Scholarships too, if you approach us for any other support/guidance, we will try to help. Also, we are working on other initiatives like Best Class, Placement Bootcamp and others from which you can benefit from.

We are requesting the alumni to join hands and contribute financially towards this Scholarship Initiative. Since the first years students have not yet joined the college, we are working towards setting aside a small amount for them as well, apart from these awardees. Know more about the VU Scholarships from past 9 years and Bank Details here

There will not be VU Scholarship Distribution event this year due to the pandemic and we will be distributing the Scholarships via online. About the laptops, we will be informing the concerned students accordingly. But, we will be calling the Awardees to join us for an Online Meet shortly and we will make the announcement about it shortly.

The total no. of awardees are as below:

  • Laptops: 10
  • Full Scholarships: 23
  • Half Scholarships: 30

The list of awardees is as below:


Sl No Name Branch Year Sl No Name Branch Year
1 Thejika M K CIV 3 6 Basavaraj Jadhav CIV 3
2 Digamber MEC 3 7 Nagaraj Bhikamale ISE 2
3 Vighnesha ISE 2 8 Sagar Korishetty EEE 3
4 Sharanagouda CSE 4 9 Manjunatha GV CIV 2
5 Viresh l lali MEC 3 10 Shilpashree D CIV 2

Full Scholarships

Sl No Name Branch Year Sl No Name Branch Year
1 Ramakrishna   Kenchannavar CIV 3 13 Amrutha varshini B S ECE 4
2 Thejaswini M ARC 2 14 Lakshmish chandra G CIV 4
3 Nagaraj Vakra CIV 2 15 Mahantesh CIV 3
4 Rudresh G C CIV 3 16 Vinod Mundasad MEC 3
5 Chaithanya CSE 2 17 Veeresh CIV 3
6 Satish K Sheregar CIV 3 18 Nagaraju MEC 4
7 Akshay Bhosale MEC 3 19 Sabhasuman K CIV 3
8 Swamy H C EEE 4 20 Sumaiya S ISE 2
9 Aman Rathod EEE 2 21 Stalin S CSE 3
10 Manoj T V EEE 3 22 Anmol CIV 2
11 Ganesh N B CIV 3 23 Soundarya ECE 2
12 Pavankumar M   Motebennur CIV 3

Half Scholarships

Sl No Name Branch Year Sl No Name Branch Year
1 Basaveshwar Gharabude MEC 3 16 Shruti S Rathod EEE 3
2 Mahammad Riyaz ECE 2 17 Sachin khot ECE 2
3 Kumari Bhavani EEE 3 18 Mahesh Patil CIV 4
4 Dnyaneshwar Karadi EEE 3 19 Altaf Nadaf CIV 4
5 Shivaraj Gurav MEC 2 20 Sourabh kotagi MEC 3
6 Veerabhadrappa Kumbar ECE 2 21 Shivani matti CIV 2
7 Sachin   Somannavar MEC 3 22 A Lokareddy CIV 2
8 G V Aravind Brahma ISE 3 23 Malatesh Chandaragi EEE 2
9 Padmavati Budihal CIV 2 24 Prathyusha P MEC 3
10 Mohith Varma V S ECE 2 25 Nemanna S Singi ECE 3
11 Jyothi Drowpathi    Kambale ISE 4 26 Pooja M CIV 3
12 Divyashree MS EEE 3 27 Ganapati Manwar CIV 4
13 Malappa Siddappa   Koulapure ISE 3 28 Navya S N CIV 3
14 Niveditha G MEC 4 29 Tarun CIV 2
15 Rathnapalli   Eshwarchandra CSE 4 30 Rajashekhara   Gavisiddappa HA MEC 3


Special Mention of alumni contributions:

  • 1992 Electronics (ECE) Batch for sponsoring the 10 Laptops
  • 1992 Computer Science (CSE) Batch for contributing 3 Lakh towards 20 Full Scholarships
  • 1995 Electronics, Computer Science, Electrical (ECE, CSE,EEE) Batch for contributing 1.4 Lakh towards 18 Half Scholarships (To commemorate their Silver Jubilee Anniversary of graduating from UVCE)
  • 1978 Mechanical (MEC) Batch for contributing 1.1 Lakh towards 15 Half Scholarships
  • M S Lakshminarasimha Memorial Scholarships – one student from – Civil, Electrical and Mechanical branches
  • B.K.Venkataramana Memorial Scholarship – one student from Electronics branch
  • Smt G V Satyabhama Memorial Scholarship – one girl student

We appreciate every alumni contribution irrespective of whether it is large or small. It is the mindset to “Give Back to UVCE” that we respect. The complete list of donors and appreciations will be added shortly in our VU Scholarships page.

We would also like to add a special note here that we will be conducting the full Scholarship Process (Application, Interview and Shortlist) to First Year students separately by end of January 2021, since they are joining the college now because of delay in CET process this year. Some of the above mentioned Scholarships will be provided to those students accordingly.