Once in a while, it is important to take a look back to see how far you’ve come. This month, we at Vision UVCE are doing just that!

Join us as we talk to the founders of VisionUVCE about what made them form this alumni group. To add on to this, we also have other alumni who have supported VU throughout pouring in their thoughts. The next step of VisionUVCE to be merged with UVCE Graduates Association was discussed in SGM too. It is covered in detail inside this edition. Take a look at the updates from the first offline meet of UVCE Graduates Association after a long time, and find out what the alumni think.

Check out the latest updates from MARVEL and UVCE Chronicles, where students are involved to the most! In this edition, we have a special story that was published about the third principal of namma UVCE and we have an excerpt for you to read.

With that, we conclude this edition of a major throwback, see you in the next one!

Have you got a chance to listen to the episodes for UVCE Chronicles? Latest episode with Dr K S Anandram is out. The audio podcast is an opportunity to hear and share the experiences of our alumni community. Check out all the episodes here – UVCE Chronicles on Spotify

We, team Sampada, pray once again that you are safe and healthy. We hope you enjoy this edition. Let us know your thoughts. Please write to us at sampada@visionuvce.in and we will be elated!


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