New Volume number 13 is here with Sampada-145!! Lot of interesting things to read about inside this edition !

With freshers joining the college, we wanted to see what they think of UVCE in the first month of their stay so far.. Read about it from students from various branches! A special Editorial dedicated on what they can/must do is included as well.

UVCE in the media and we have covered the stories for you, if you have missed reading it in the newspapers. Some photos from the new Hostel building being constructed are covered in this edition

82 Electrical Batch had a Reunion organized and we have published the story along with UVCEGA initiatives in the last month. If you would like to know about the Scholarships initiative and how you can contribute, check the special Announcement about it inside this edition.

Season 2 of UVCE Chronicles has started and the latest episode is out (with Smt Anuradha TK, first female Satellite Project Director at ISRO, 82 Batch). Check out all the episodes here – UVCE Chronicles on Spotify

We, team Sampada, pray once again that you are safe and healthy. We hope you enjoy this edition. Let us know your thoughts. Please write to us at and we will be elated!


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