Your monthly dose of updates from UVCE – SAMPADA number 76 is here. All the happenings in college collated here.

Campus was buzzing with activities and decorated wonderfully and hence we have tried to make this edition colorful as well. Do check it and enjoy the wonderful images of UVCE along with the students.

Meanwhile, a special request to check the “Editorial” (an experiment) which has few questions to you, either an alumni, student or faculty of UVCE. Here is a glimpse of them:

  • How do you think “Centenary Celebrations” need to happen? How can you contribute for it?
  • With nearly 6-7 months in hand, how do we kick-start some movement to happen?
  • Considering all the bureaucracy red-tapes and expecting little support from the Government end, as responsible citizens, what can be done to get everybody’s attention towards this heritage college?
  • What can be done to make sure that it is not just one-time “Not-Happening Dream Come True” promise, but long-term “small-yet practical” solution to bring back the glory of UVCE?

Our question, from VisionUVCE Team, has always been that is there an alternate way rather than depend on just the University or Government aid to make sure there are changes visible at the ground level? We are trying to gather more details at the top-level too, which we shall keep it in front of you shortly.