Meeting Convener: UVCE Alumni Association

Date: 10th June 2017, 11 am

Subject: UVCE Centenary Celebrations

Audience: Over 40 UVCE Alumni

  1. The meeting began with UVCE Alumni Association President Mr. Vasudev Murthy addressing all the members.
  2. Madhav discussed the agenda for the meeting which were – UVCE Centenary Committee, Centenary Celebrations, making UVCE autonomous.
  3. Following this each one of the Alumni took the floor of the forum to address their views, questions and suggestions.
  4. The discussion was started off by Major General Neelakantappa who raised question on why the Centenary Action Committee set by the Bangalore University was inert. Following which he suggested that all alumni must come together to plan the events for Centenary Celebrations, form working groups of alumni to work towards the various duties to handle the celebrations. Also he raised the proposal that a legal question must be confronted to the university on how efficiently the fee funds were being used for the college’s improvement. He insisted on working with a common goal of making UVCE autonomous.
  5. Next, Mr. Raju from 1980 Batch of Mechanical rose to suggest that the centenary committee shouldn’t be left to be inactive but instead be pushed to begin work and also stressed on the point that a free-flowing communication medium has to be set up between all alumni to remain informed on the various happenings of the centenary celebrations matter and to make more alumni active and join.
  6. Uma Reddy proposed that a working committee be formed which could be an aide to the steering committee formed by the Bangalore University so as to quicken the action plan for Centenary Celebrations. Also she expressed that an Centenary Celebration event should be planned similar to the Mega Reunion conducted in 2011.
  7. Anand of 1971 Batch took to the forum next and expressed his views that Principal should be made the frontrunner as the formal procedures can be initiated by only him and seek his unstaggered co-operation for the Centenary Celebrations.
  8. Govind Laxman of 1971 Batch of Mechanical, opinionated that the Centenary Celebrations shouldn’t just result in a one day celebration but instead be planned to do something constructive for UVCE and reestablished the view of working committee formation for aiding the Centenary Committee and suggest that for establishing a free-flowing communication between alumni a website must be set up.
  9. Dwarakanath of 1966 Batch also stressed upon the fact that apart from social media connectivity a proper communication channel must be established for interaction and informing the alumni.
  10. Vijaydev of 1975 Batch asserted that the alumni must have frequent and open conversations with Principal to understand the challenges and actions being taken on the administrative side.
  11. Mustafa of 1984 Batch of Electrical took to the forum and said that in matters where Principal is unable to respond or help, the alumni should move ahead to meet the Vice Chancellor of the Bangalore University to push the matter and increase the priority. Also he suggested that more attention be paid to the infrastructural development.
  12. Ashok of 1975 Batch of Electrical spoke next and was of the view that an Action Plan must be made for efficient utilization of the funds announce by the Government for the purpose of Centenary Celebrations.
  13. Taking to the forum next was Mr. Lomesh K G of 2009 Batch of Electrical who urged that meetings of this nature must be conducted as often as possible, plan on what would be best for the next step and produce progress before the next meeting. Also he requested the Alumni to visit college as frequently as possible to order to understand its need and status.
  14. At this Juncture, Mr. Vasudev Murthy suggested that the alumni must put effort and try to raise funds from their batchmates and classmates as centenary funds. He also provided confidence to the members that they would revert back to all the queries and suggestions made by the alumni.
  15. Principal of UVCE, Dr. Venugopal K R arrived to the meeting and addressed the gathering. He brought to the meeting attendees’ knowledge that so far an action plan has been submitted to Bangalore University and Government for sanctioning of the funds announced by the Chief Minister in the Budget for UVCE’s Improvement on the occasion of Centenary Celebrations. The Principal stressed upon driving towards making UVCE Autonomous as it provides complete control of UVCE’s infrastructural and Administrative Improvements. Also he informed the Alumni that there were proposals on behalf of the University to shift UVCE to JB Campus completely to which he and the stake holders have shown resistance and when he sought the Alumni’s opinion on this issue they were also of the agreement that UVCE should not be moved but instead be tagged as a heritage institution on occasion of the Centennial Mark.

The meeting was concluded by Dr.Rangaraj, Secretary of Alumni Association on all the view and opinions shared by the Alumni. Also the conclusion was reached that a small working committee consisting of Mr. Madhav, Mr. A G Satish, Major General Neelakantappa and Mr. Govind Laxman would meet on 12th June 2017 with the UVCE Alumni Association to discuss the further proceedings and finalize on the dates, agenda and action plan for the next meeting with Alumni on the Centenary Celebrations Matter. Here are some photos: