abstracted from SAMPADA issue-158

Lecture Series ,an UVCEGA initiative to create awareness amongst alumni and students by providing a platform for some of the best minds to share their knowledge and experience.

The Inaugural Lecture was by Dr VK Aatre, Padma Vibhushan,Former Scientific Advisor to Defense Minister, Govt of India, 1961 EEE Batch UVCE Alumnus organized on March 15th. We are proud to have him deliver the Inaugural Lecture about “Historical,Philosophical and Societal Perceptions of Science & Technology”.

uvcega_lecutre-1_stillAatre Sir delivered the speech starting with the origin of science, listing every discovery in a chronological order and furthering the same with technology and finally amalgamating both the topics to introduce us to modern technology built with the influence of science.

The lecture was captivating and ended on the right notes of how as engineers all of us have the moral responsibility to give back to the environment that has given us so much. With modern day problems being tackled with modern day solutions, Aatre sir’s discussion really shed light on the various technology streams the students could start venturing into to understand and build solutions. We had few alumni as well who attended the session just to listen to Dr. Aatre and thanked UVCEGA for realising this event. We hope to organize more such enlightening lectures in the near future.

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