Best Class UVCE 2019 was an initiative aimed at bringing a competitive and collaborative spirit amongst the students. It began as a brainchild of being inspired from Water Cup by Paani Foundation. What we understood is that to develop and grow, along with individual effort a community effort is important.

Over the years, UVCE has grown weak not just in terms of infrastructure but in terms of nurturing student spirit. With no proper forum for the students to be streamlined or unified at, students started growing to be apart. What we had seen in UVCE, what we experienced and incorporated during our time in UVCE was different. And our intention was to bring it back. Which is when we designed Best Class Competition.

A structure was sought in place, with UVCE Alumni as point of contacts and each classes having two class coordinators who communicated between the PoCs and the class. In an intriguing 12-week period, the classes were encouraged to conduct a range of activities centered around academics, soft skills, extra-curriculars and class dynamics. The Class Coordinators were asked to prepare a report every week on the activities and participation of the class in the course of the week and including the plans for the next week. The interesting part was, the reports were designed to ensure that the coordinators did not just compile a summary of their doings but reflected on how well they did it, how far they reached their intended goal, how better could it have been done, what is the right thing or the wrong thing they are doing. The Point of Contacts evaluated the class, coordinators’ responses, and the reports in reference to the discussed plan of actions to score them every week. In addition to this, the organizing team of Best Class also provided a week-on-week scoring for each of the classes.

The process did face a few hiccups in terms of unbalanced class participations, coordinators late entries, coordinator-PoC miscommunication. This has led us from the organizing perspective to learn a lot of things, while the students also have had an opportunity to learn about managing and communicating.

To strengthen our learnings of organizing the competition, we took in feedback from both the PoCs and Student coordinators. We received a positive review that the competition overall helped students in developing creative activities with respect to academics or extra0curriculars, made them more involved with uvce, enhanced the UVCEian spirit in students, helped improve class coordination, gave the students a sense of enthusiasm and motivation to participate and interact in activities. The improvements that remain are in terms of more foolproof and streamlined conducting of the process. Working on all the pointers, we have decided to come back bigger and better for UVCE Best Class 2.0. The major target would to involve more classes and be able to inspire them more in to being involved with the college while nurturing their skillsets.

Some Stats of the Competition:

  • 14 Classes ( 7 from 1st Year, 7 from 2nd Year)
  • 28 Student Coordinators – 14 Alumni Point of Contacts – 12 Weeks – 3Months
  • Over 50+activities conducted across cleanliness, academics, UVCE development, extra-curriculars, soft skills
  • 85% Active participation (Only 25 out of 168 Reports Missed).
  • 7 Classes (50% of the participation) performed extremely well and were perfectly consistent (Did not miss one single report)
  • 50% of the classes -7 participating class scored higher than 60% of total marks

On June 30th, we had organized the “Prize Distribution” for the classes that won the competition at Century Club. We had invited the students and alumni to be part of the event and join us for the evening. Many students who joined us were representatives from their respective classes. Few of them had come in spite of having examinations and this showed their interest towards this initiative.

Winners List:

  • First Prize : 2nd Year ECE – Awarded with 20K Cash Prize + Goodies (Mugs & Mementos)
  • Second Prize: 2nd year ARCH – Awarded with 10K Cash Prize + Goodies (Mugs & Mementos)
  • Consistent Performers : 2nd year ISE & 1st year ARCH—Awarded with goodies (T-shirts)
  • Selected Batch Co-Ordinators : Awarded with Goodies (T-shirts) for their consistent involvement during this initiative and motivating their classmates to participate.

During the occasion, everyone was briefed about the entire concept and why it was organized – the major goal being to bring the change in mindset of the students, make them self-reliant, professional and improve their soft-skills. We requested the senior alumni to handover the prizes to the students and also share their views and experience with everyone. In this way, we tried to make sure the winners share their secrets with everyone, which can help them to plan during the next semester. After photo-shoot, everyone enjoyed the high-tea and spent some time discussing with each other.

Team VisionUVCE congratulates the winners and also all the participants. We promise to make this initiative even more interesting in the coming days.. Hope to see you all again !!