I would like to start by asking a question- “Does civil department belongs to any other college rather than UVCE?” Theoretically speaking No; But, practically speaking Yes.

No one says it openly but they make us feel so just because we are in a different campus. Is it our mistake that civil department is in JB campus? Then why are we treated so. Why are we being given very less information? You say, civil department is inactive. But my answer is you made us inactive.

It might be volunteering a fest, we wouldn’t be selected just because we stay in JB campus. Why is it so? When I have applied for volunteering then it’s my duty that I need to make sure that my part of job is done no matter where I am. If I had a problem in it, then I would never have applied for it. You can remove me only when I am not working. My batchmates from other branches keep telling that “Dude seniors told us that Civil people won’t participate in anything” Or “Civil people will always trouble in all the fests.”

My question has always been “Dude till when you will be following what your seniors told?” There can be various reasons for that at that particular time. But, why can’t we change that mindset and move on. Come on we belong to same college.

We were asking from years to send us the details too about the activities going on in K R Circle and finally we ended up having a WhatsApp group and by someone’s grace we are getting the updates. But what about the students mind-set that they have created on us because of their seniors and they are in turn creating it in their juniors mind.

We have also tried to bring this to the notice of the Principal sir and he has changed few things, but trust me no one can change students mind until they wish to. First year students are always available in K R circle, their branch seniors are not there in college but you all are their seniors. Don’t start biasing at their first year itself. Don’t demotivate them. Try talking to them just like your branch.

Even with the Placement cell, the same thing is happening as far as some of us have felt. In front of Principal sir and Placement Officer, it is showcased that we all are one but actually speaking NO. Why because Civil Department has a different placement office. I believe it was created then to make it easy for students in JB Campus and not to create bias between Civil and other branches. Why is that we are treated this way just because that the seniors have told civil branch is a mess? May be our batch is different and want to be with you all and learn something that we don’t know. There is no point in trying to prove that we don’t know anything. Even, we want to be the UVCE flag bearers, just like everyone. Whether it is the Placement Office in KR circle or in JB campus, in the end, it belongs to UVCE not anyone individual.

At the same time, I also request all my juniors to be active by participating in events. It’s okay to miss classes (just make sure that you have 75% attendance) and take part in events, you will learn something new. Try everything from your side to have a good connection with all other branches. Let us also do our part in making it a college practically and not just theoretically. Also, inform all your juniors to be part of some club/ IEEE in KR circle from first year and try to manage both. Its a great learning and growing platform.

Also my humble request to all our alumni from Civil branch to please help us regarding placements and/or higher studies. Since there are many core companies which do not want to take freshers, we are clueless of what to do next.

This writeup is not to provoke someone or prove anyone wrong or bad. It is just that we also want to feel that we are also UVCEians. Lets try to build up a good connection between both the campus. Lets conduct activities in our branch too and invite everyone. Lets stay together and make each other grow and not humiliate.

This letter made us, Team VisionUVCE, think and introspect. We assure the Civil students that in the coming days, we will make sure to involve more of them and also build better co-ordination among the students . We will also work with Civil Alumni to bridge the gap

– Sampada-119