Articles from previous Sampada editions for 10th Anniversary issue – Article borrowed from Kaushik Dutt’s blog

UVCE is among the best colleges in the country and among the oldest too. There are many many rea-sons to join UVCE, and I in this article will try to outline a few.

One of the very first things that stand out is the amazing amount of free time one gets at UVCE, in other colleges however, the students are regularly bombarded with exams and tests and surprise quizzes. The students at UVCE can utilize this extra time in developing soft skills and pursuing other interests. Some of the students at UVCE are involved in research activities in as early as 2nd year which is a result of them not being bogged down by hectic classes all the time. Once a student enters UVCE the student automatically learns to learn on his own. Learning on one’s own is always a good thing. Unlike some other colleges, UVCE does not spoon feed the syllabus to its students. Also the syllabus of Bangalore University cannot be found in just one book and hence the students end up referring to more than one author while studying the subject, which is very good in the long run.

One of the common complaints I hear from my friends from other institutions is how little they communicate with their seniors. I can safely say that in UVCE the seniors are everything. They are the guides, the mentors and sometimes even teachers. They advice on everything from which book to buy for a certain subject through which classes I can safely bunk to which graphics card I need to buy for my computer. Ultimately this relationship leads to the creation of a wide network of people in my field who I can approach at anytime for anything. UVCE has a massive alumni base spread out around the country and the world, some of whom occupy important positions in big organizations. Some alumni visit the campus to interact with the current batch of students and offer them an insight into the industry and much more. Some of the younger and more recent pass-outs also involve themselves in the activities and fests that happen in the campus.

UVCE organizes four fests in its campus. These fests comprise of various technical and cultural activities designed to test the varied skills the students posses. One of the best events that I participated in during my first semester was the mock placement event. The event was a simulation of the actual process of campus recruitment that the companies undertake. Even though I did not win, I found out exactly why I did not and what areas I needed to work on to be more recruitable .The event was a fantastic learning experience. I also had the opportunity to talk with some of the best placement trainers there are. One takes a lot back from such activities. Also, during the many fests, I volunteered for some of the events. I have realized that Volunteering is a fun job, where not only i learned about the many things that go into the making of a fest but also I learned to make sure the event proceeds smoothly without hindrances. This taught me to be a more efficient team player and to individually man-age a given responsibility. These are some very important traits that one must develop and I am glad my college played a part in me learning a few.

Contrary to the opinion of some ill informed people the lecturers at UVCE are some of the best. Most of the lecturers at UVCE hold doctorates & are highly reputed in their respective field. As a result UVCE is one of the best engineering colleges in India and is highly regarded in universities abroad.

Also unlike other colleges which admit students on the basis of management and COMED-K, UVCE only admits students through CET, those being some of the highest rank holders in the state. Hence, all the students at UVCE are meritorious. This creates a great learning atmosphere.

For most people the engineering course is a gateway to the world of high paying jobs and UVCE does a fantastic job of delivering it to them. Through the efforts of the placement and training center the final year students at UVCE walk away with multiple job offers. Some students at the time of graduation have 4 and even 5 offers to choose from. The placement office at UVCE prides itself in providing the students with “the” job and not just “a” job. To quote some statistics, In the year 2010-2011, 923 job offers were received by a total of 400 to 450 students in the college with Cognizant being the highest recruiter. One of the unique things about the placement office at UVCE is that two students in their final year from each department get to be placement coordinators for one year during their final 2 semesters. The Placement office at UVCE is one of the few where students get to interact with the industry HR and invite them to the campus for placements. The placement records at UVCE are among the best in the state.

Finally, I would like to say that studying at UVCE has been fun for the one year that I have been in it. The bottom line is that UVCE is the best option for students who do well in their CET

– Kaushik Dutt, 2014 Batch