Collating memories of UVCE etched by many of our alumni, here it is presenting to you – “Decadewise Memories”. This article is a narrative by V Prathima Naidu and Dr. Kamalini Martin about their time at UVCE in 1970’s.

I joined first semester B. Arch at U.V.C.E, in 1969. We were the third batch to join the Department, which had been started just 2 years previously. I was, on one hand, proud to join a prestigious college where my father had studies before, but on the other hand I was nervous of entering a college which was for most part, a male domain. The atmosphere was very different from that of the school I had attended. There was a separate lounge called a Ladies Room where we spent our breaks in the first year. Later we got bolder and went to the Canteen for snacks.

On the third floor however, where our department was located, we were much at home. We were like one big group – no distinction between juniors and seniors. Sometimes the lectures were held in the old high ceiling lecture halls (above the present principal’s chamber). Especially the early morning classes would be welcome, what with the famous Cubbon Park across the road; minus today’s traffic. A better locale wouldn’t be there than Cubbon Park to practice surveying and leveling lessons.

The teachers were very approachable and friendly. I have fond memories of our study tours, when the entire department and all the teachers booked an entire railway bogie and went for a trip to North India. We took pride in taking photographs with the simple click cameras we could afford at that time on the trip. The Sikri or similar places, for which huge drawing boards, tapes ranging rods etc had to be carried along with us on the train. The work would stretch sometimes from early morning to late afternoons.

Being a new Department, perhaps we did not have many facilities compared to the present day,(sometimes civil engineering students would share the same drawing hall for their own class with us or sometimes with juniors or seniors as there weren’t  enough classrooms) , but we worked hard and sincerely to the best of our capacities. Being reserved by nature, I made only a few friends during my stay in college, but I am glad to say that I still have the same affectionate regard for those friends and of course my teachers.

My years at UVCE widened my horizons and made me what I am today.

– V Prathima Naidu, Senior Lecturer, BMS College of Engg., Bangalore

To me, UVCE stands for Unique,Vivid and Comprehensive Excellence-it was, is and I hope always will be a college with a difference. It blends the mellow,grand old buildings and a great tradition with the best and latest knowledge, facilities and education. I am sure that each and every one of us who have studied in this venerable institution has warm and happy recollections of the years spent here.

When I joined in 1973, there were just few girls in the entire engineering college(including all the five years of the course) – now it must be five hundred or more! We girls had a very cozy life with a comfortable Ladies’ Room which was the envy of our classmates. We were very conscious that we were extremely fortunate , especially in the Electronics Department, where we were termed ‘la crème de la crème’(The cream of creams),I think this must be still the same for the present generation, but in those days, there was in addition, a relaxed and serene atmosphere with confidence that our future careers were bound to be bright since graduating from UVCE itself was an honor.

We in UVCE used to bag atleast nine out of ten State Ranks when I was studying. We used to grudge the one rank left over and try our best to keep all the other colleges from getting into the list! Maybe that was a life which had less competition than today, but we must and do thank our professors and lecturers for the excellent coaching and firm grounding we obtained.

I am also extremely happy that after obtaining my ME degree, and working at ISRO Satellite Centre for 15 years, I was able to register for my Ph.D under Prof. H.N.Shivashankar, again at UVCE. Inspite of his very busy schedule, and my own responsibilities, I could still spend quite an amount of time in the familiar campus and recapture the carefree days as a student once again. This time, the library was much larger and the computer facilities had become very impressive. The notice boards showed the exciting opportunities in the curricular and extracurricular activities, and extremely up to date information. However most of the rooms looked just the same and the friendly, being college atmosphere was as calm and relaxing as before. In fact most of my old lecturers were still there and all looked exactly the same- there must be some magic elixir in the air which gives eternal youth to those who spend their time there!

In conclusion, it is clear that UVCE gave us not just an engineering degree but a lot of priceless gifts such as Quest for Excellence, Unbeatable, Vigorous, and Confidence and An Exhilarating time. Thank You, UVCE for this great experience!

– Dr. Kamalini Martin, (BE 1978,Ph.D 1999), ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore