UVCE is placed at the heart of the city and surprisingly offers a lot of places to please your tummy! And yet, if you had to draw up a list of the best places to eat in and around college on a day that many consider the ideal day to step out and loosen their wallet, it stands to reason that a newbie would like to know about all the places that serves him right.

So we set off with the intention of listing the best places to fulfill your appetites taking into account food quality, consistency and service. Armed with nothing but our tastebuds to guide us ,this is the list we complied

SJP canteen: Home of tasty sandwiches and sugary delicacies this canteen is a crowd favourite. Although the food is a tad bit expensive, their sandwiches are something that is definitely to be devoured by every foodie!

MS building : Best known for their budget idlis and mouth-watering sweets, MS building canteen offers food that is not only economical but yummy too. If a quick meal is what you’re looking for then search no more cause this is the place for you.

Civil court canteen : commonly referred to as cc canteen this place is always over brimming with lawyers who always seem to be in a hurry. Cc canteen offers a wide variety of mouth watering food that makes up for the not

Nandini parlour : This giant in the dairy product industry needs no introduction. Delicious ice cream , refreshing flavored milk,  enticing yogurt etc are just some of the extremely gratifying dairy food that the parlor offers. On a hot summer day this is the place to be !

Cunningham road: Cunningham Road is one of the busiest commercial streets of Bangalore. The road is named after Francis Cunningham , who was an officer in the Madras Army and a member of the Mysore Commission. It houses several high end hotels like aqua grill, banjara melting point, dominoes, pizza hut, nostradamus and BISO which are the ideal hotels to visit when you have the cash to spare.

Avenue road: Centre of textbooks sanctum of knowledge and lots of street vendors! Jalebiwalas, Nimbu soda guys, the capsicum bhajjis, bakeries and juice centres all with the sole motto of filling you up! Its a paradise to all of the junk food lovers and the nerds alike.

Anything you would like to add to the list?!! Maybe a place that rekindles the memories of hanging out with friends and having awesome food during your college days!! Write to us and share it with other alumni as well

– Vishal Bhatta, 5th Sem ECE