Borrowed from SAMPADA old editions – for the 10th Anniversary Special Issue – Special Editorials section. This one is by AVM Abhaya Kumar sir for the Centenary edition

It’s a pleasure being asked to write the Editorial for the magazine which is read by the alumni of UVCE, who are spread across the globe. That too, being part of it for the 100th edition is a very special thing.

During 1954-56, people used Co-Operative Society within the college premises to promote membership for the Alumni Association. The idea was to build a community, where one would get an opportunity to meet the senior alumni and younger students both, create a platform to express opinions and share their experiences. Now, this idea has been incorporated in the form of Sampada. It is a wonderful effort to bring back the sweet memories for senior people like us and take us back to those wonderful memories about college days.

For any institution, documentation of the events and activities especially important milestones is very essential. This maintenance of information in a chronological sequence is a herculean task. Milestones are indication of the effort of the current generation and source of inspiration for the future. Everyone –faculty, students, alumni – should join hands for this cause. Money, time and ideas – each individual can contribute in his/her own way. The alumni have a moral obligation to give back so that the institution grows further and reaches wider audience. Sampada can be considered as a source of inspiration for thousands of alumni who look forward for a platform to contribute. By sharing my experience, I hope I am helping in whatever little way, to collate the thoughts of an alumnus from 1950s.

Satisfaction about bringing together which was spread out wildly and widely is immense. The team could have stopped their effort at any time and no one would have questioned about it. But they have continued it, sustained it which should motivate the younger generation. Any action which is done without looking forward at the results or what benefit will I get from it will sustain and achieve progress. That is what Sampada Team have achieved!

For the Centenary Edition, I would like to mention few things very specifically-

  • Until now, in the past 99 editions, a lot has been documented looking backwards. Some records have been made about the mistakes/shortcomings that happened earlier or some success stories which were achieved.
  • Identify those points, brainstorm about it and see what can be obtained from these experiences and how these can be used to guide the current students.
  • More senior alumni should get involved to share their views and experiences on how they struggled during their time. They should join hands in guiding the younger generation. Wherever applicable, the benefits of their learnings need to be drawn.
  • Expand the horizon – people who are from different backgrounds, with varied experiences, who have travelled far need to be reached out. Sampada has all the characteristics to become such a platform for UVCEians
  • When people are honest and do their job sincerely without expecting, many marvels will be unveiled. Sampada, in all its entirety has been trying to tell the story of UVCE through various people’s perspectives and we need to appreciate the fact.

-AVM Abhayakumar, 1954 Batch EEE (Sampada-100)

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