Borrowed from SAMPADA old editions – for the 10th Anniversary Special Issue – Interviews section. This one is of Venkatesh G, 1971 EEE.

Team Sampada: Sir, we request you to introduce yourself to our readers

Venkatesh : I belong to 1971 Electrical engineering batch. And during 1977-78 I obtained PG. Diploma in Electronics Design Technology from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

From 1971 to 1976 I held assignments as Design, Development and Applications engineer for a private company and later worked on many import substitution projects for Public sectors, Railways, Merchant Navy and Defence establishments.

In 1976, I started own manufacturing unit to Design, Assembly and Supply of custom designed Industrial electronics instruments and systems. From 1980 to 1992, took additional assignments as Expert applications consultant for companies handling Hi-tech imported electronics and Opto-electronics products.

In 1992 established Globetek to consolidate my expertise under one roof to manufacture and supply state-of the -art electronics systems along with the imported items from USA, Europe and Japan. Globetek has completed Silver jubilee year in 2017 and look forward to the Golden jubilee year in the years ahead.

As per our ambition and duty to “give it back to the society”, we at Globetek join hands with many authentic social organizations and selected NGO’s to support the needs of the poor and the deserving candidates to empower them to come up in life and lead and earn a decent living status.

Notable institutions and NGO’s we work with them are Akshaya Patra Foundation, Rotary Foundation, UVCE Foundation for Scholarships, Shivanand Mutt- Rikhia and Rishikesh for their Rural Empowerment projects, Junglescapes- for the tribal self-employment projects in Bandipur forests., Gnanavi Rural Development Trust- for rural children education etc. Besides these, many institutions, individuals also receive timely assistance to pursue their social work and educational needs.

Team Sampada: Share some of the best memories from your college days

Venkatesh: First and foremost, I am proud to be an alumnus of UVCE.
Securing seat at UVCE was in itself a matter of great prestige during those times. UVCE was much sought after engineering institution for the merit students. As such, we could walk with our chin up as students of UVCE.

During our college years from 1966 to 1971, some of my classmates and I used to peddle all the way from Sheshadri Puram to the college. During the fall and spring seasons, the road stretch between the Ananda Rao Circle and K.R. Circle was a delight to the eyes especially in the mornings. The road would be covered with thick layer of yellow and red flowers from the trees on the side, the Fresh, crisp and pure air used to make our ride a great pleasure as well as refreshing. We will never forget those beautiful mornings.

With ours being the integrated scheme, we were to study subjects from all the three branches such as Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineering besides Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Studying those subjects were never a burden, rather they enhanced our knowledge horizon so much that we were very confident to handle any problems at ease during our professional carrier.

Compulsory NCC during 1st and 2nd year course was a great help in gaining knowledge on many practical matters besides acquiring disciplined outlook in our lives. Survey practical classes and camps enriched our knowledge on how to do land measurements, cantors and how bridges and roads are planned and designed and the art of reading maps.

Educational and project tours were both educative and entertaining. This experience came very handy when I had to tour solo later during my professional life. I remember with respect all those lecturers and professors who inspired us.

Team Sampada: Can you please tell us what are the most valuable lessons that you learnt at UVCE

Venkatesh: It is difficult to say which is most valued and which is not. Everything was as important as the other in those formative years. However, I have to mention one incident that happened during my 2nd Year engineering which triggered the entrepreneur in me and shaped my Destiny.

Late 60s was a difficult time for the Indian industry. Recession and unemployment among engineering graduates was high. There was a pal of gloom among the old and new graduates coming out of the colleges as the employment opportunities were bleak. To make matters worse, the Government had permitted more and more engineering colleges to be started by the private sector resulting in supply exceeding the demand.

Student leaders across the state resorted to strike demanding the Government to stop the establishment of new engineering colleges till the economic situation improved in the country and all the existing unemployed graduates got employed.

On one such day, some of the student leaders from our college and neighbouring colleges were making heated speeches one after the other in our college corridor, in front of the library building. As the classes were on hold, most of us stood watching the agitated speeches by the leaders of the strike.

Our Professor. B.K.Ramaiah who was also watching the gathering, came on the stage at the end and uttered the following exact words, which I still remember very well. I quote, “IT IS SHAME THAT YOU ENGINEERS DEMANDING JOBS. AS ENGINEERS YOU SHOULD CREATE JOBS, NOT TO DEMAND JOBS FROM THE GOVERNMENT”. These magic words left every one dumbfound.

I just don’t know what effect it had on others that day, but it had a profound impact on me. Then and there, I made up my mind at that very moment what my Destiny was going to be as an engineer. I was just thrilled by the very idea. Yes, it is the engineers who create jobs for both technical and non- technical, skilled and unskilled personnel either directly or indirectly. This idea lingered on my mind and grew stronger and stronger as the days passed. From that day onwards, all my efforts was to gather more and more information on self-employment in addition to the class room subjects.

I consider that this was the most valued lesson I learnt at UVCE. Today, I look back with pride and happiness that my decision from on that day to be self-employed and create jobs for others and not look for employment was a great success indeed.

Team Sampada: Your advice to the younger generation and current students

Venkatesh: Follow these time tested golden rules.

  • Recognise your true strengths and nurture them and work on it.
  • Be realistic with respect to space and time in taking important decisions.
  • Implement always Quality in thinking and deeds.
  • There are no shortcuts, gambling and speculations, in achieving your set goals
  • Have maximum clarity on what you are working on.
  • Hardships on the way are just like passing clouds, let it not dishearten you.
  • You yourselves should never be an issue while solving external issues.
  • Always work within the frame work of business Ethics.
  • Take very good care of Nature and environment, it will take care of you.
  • Last but not the least, pay attention to your health. Regularly workout to maintain your physical and mental fitness in topmost condition.

– Venkatesh G, Sampada-103

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