Borrowed from SAMPADA old editions – for the 10th Anniversary Special Issue – Interviews section. This one is of Dr Kiran K, faculty from CSE Department.

Team Sampada: Sir, you’ve been the faculty coordinator for many fests and collegiate clubs; How would you describe the difference that you might have noticed in the UVCEians who would interact with you from other college students. Are there any major changes down the line?

Kiran Sir: Our students at UVCE are exposed to challenges and tasks more often than students from any other college. This makes them unique and they are ready to face any kind of challenges in the long run. It’s a proud thing for me to say that students in UVCE are self motivated and they volunteer to take up responsibility. Having such enthusiasts provides me the bare minimum task which is “To Guide” them. Regarding students’ behavior, there hasn’t been major changes but I fear to say that they aren’t focusing on minute details and somewhere lack gratitude that’s a prime essentiality.

Team Sampada: Currently UVCE doesn’t hold the status/has failed in remaining the top choice college for most of the students clearing CET, what might be the cause for this?

Kiran Sir: The first reason is that, we don’t advertise our college like many other colleges. We have never tried to brand UVCE even during the high time which is allocation of seats. To put it simple, without advertising, we pool in the best quality of students across the state.

Delayed results, untimely distribution of marks cards and ignorance towards UVCE might have contributed towards its present situation, the university should take the necessary actions required and help the students in these issues.

Major reason would be infrastructure, a century old institute needs to preserve the heritage and uplift its culture, it’s certain that such historical structure needs renovation. Government had ordered to vacate UVCE from K R Circle which I would oppose, we should preserve and upgrade this campus instead of shifting it. Last but not the least the management needs more manpower, it might be professors, supporting staff, technical staff or anyone for that matter. Government needs to take a call on this simple issue and solve this as soon as possible.

Team Sampada: What are the solution for the existing problems. How can we UVCEians (faculty, alumni, students) contribute?

Kiran Sir: Major changes are possible only by the decision of government so it’s necessary that government takes measures to preserve and upgrade UVCE in its present location. Alumni have been extremely supportive and have contributed to the development works and provide the best results in the limited resource available. They can still contribute by providing guest lectures, interact more with students, guide in projects and assist financially.
Faculty have been extremely supportive in the decisions made by the management and they are our vital asset.

Finally, students the flag bearer’s of UVCE should dedicate some time towards college and be proud to be an UVCEian.

Team Sampada: Any Plans regarding centenary celebrations?

Kiran Sir: Currently a committee have been formed and it needs to meet regularly to provide updates regarding celebration. If there’s any kind of celebration it should involve every person related to UVCE backed by Government. It would be a mega event which should grab attention of global audience.

– Dr Kiran K, Sampada-94

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