Borrowed from SAMPADA old editions – for the 10th Anniversary Special Issue – Interviews section. This one is of Lalitha Anil, Batch of 1982 EEE.

Lalitha Anil Is From 1982 Batch, Electrical Branch. She Is The Co Founder & Director, Eko Vehicles Private Limited, Bangalore, The First Electric Two-Wheeler Company In India. She Is Also Well-Known Consultant & Advisor For Renewable Energy Projects -Electric Vehicle And Hybrid Projects.

Team Sampada: What inspired you to get into the engineering field against the regular notion?

Lalitha: Frankly the choice to join Engineering was not mine but my Father’s (Late)!

I had my mind blocked that Mathematics was not my cup of tea and was keen to join medicine! However, within 6 months of joining the Electrical Engineering course these mind blocks disappeared and I was amazed as to how I could have thought that Mathematics was difficult. As I progressed into the next semesters it was pretty easy as every engineering subject has Mathematics as their applications and I started to think, eat and sleep Mathematics. Unfortunately, my father passed away when I was in my 8th semester and did not enjoy “his” success am ever indebted to his choice and owe my being an Engineer to him)

Team Sampada: What are the memories about your college days?

Lalitha: Memories of 5 years(10 semesters) in College are plenty. The beautiful campus and the wonderful friends and classmates made College most interesting. We were 12 girls in a class of about 80+ One of them left to become a doctor after her first year. There was a comfortable friendship which involved mutual encouragement as well as healthy competition. The tension of studying every semester, the fruits of our results and then come again the next semester was like a wheel going round and round. Life was all about Labs and Blue Books, Drawings and T squares, Khaki Uniform and Fashion dresses, BTS buses and walking to Majestic, Morning shows, Eating out and Shopping. All this was an integral part of college and emerging from Teenage to Majors in this College which was fun. Drawing was a subject which truly was my interest and I used to be in awe of the multi dimensional possibilities in this subject. Attending classes was an integral and dedicated part of our activity and most of our learning happened here, with the best teaching and guidance that we had.

Our project trips only bonded us better with the class and these are some of the memories which I treasure the most. We involved ourselves in all spheres of activities in the College inspite of being novices in some of these like sports. We participated in some inter-collegiate competitions too. Train of thoughts can go on but I’m sure everyone of my classmates will agree with me, that our confidence , intellect and personalities were built at UVCE which helped us when our careers began with industry. The only regret I have is that I did not learn beyond the curriculum and use the Library well enough to gain knowledge from the vast books that were at our disposal.

Many of our class mates have been very successful and have reached heights of Corporate success, Entrepreneurship, Teaching, Government Officials etc. But when we meet today at the rare Alumni meets we feel the same energy as we had during 1977-1982 sharing our experiences and recalling the times at UVCE.

Team Sampada: What is your message to the budding women engineers of our college?

Lalitha: Today after more than 3 decades, there is a sea change in not only the engineering curriculum but in the perception of society, Industry, and the whole world at large towards Women in Engineering. Its not just a Mans world anymore!

My first message to young Girls would be to choose Engineering for growth in career, personality as well as Society. The perception that engineering is difficult should be removed with adequate counselling. Today engineering applies to any sphere of life be it IT, Telecom, Auto, electronics right upto Environment. Be wise to know your calling and then choose the subject. Once you have chosen, go all out to acquire and study the subject as there is no limit to information in today’s World Wide Web.

My second message is -Entrepreneurship by women is proving to be very Beneficial due to the inherent Multi-Tasking capabilities of Women. Having this as a goal after you gain adequate experience will be very fulfilling.

My third message is use technology for fun, de-stressing etc, BUT do not allow technology to overtake your God given Intellect and thinking.

– Lalitha Anil, 1982 EEE (From Sampada-63)

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