This month, we have achieved yet another milestone. Team Sampada proudly presents to you the 150th edition! We dedicate this to the nation’s heroes, the Indian Armed Forces.

In this special edition we have compiled perspectives, interviews and thoughts from the Bravehearts who call our very own UVCE their alma mater. We hope through this edition our readers are also able to experience the immense gratitude and pride we have felt towards our Bravehearts in the process of making this edition.

Additionally we bring you up to date with all that students are up to on campus from UVCE MARVEL to all the accolades students have been sweeping up at cultural events.

We bid adieu to the outgoing batch of 2022 and share with you the proceedings of the second UVCEGA AGM.

Second part of the Sixth episode in Season 2 of UVCE Chronicles is out (with Commodore B.C. Jayaprakash (Retd), 1966 batch). Check out all the episodes here – UVCE Chronicles on Spotify

All this and more in this edition of Sampada. We, team Sampada, pray once again that you are safe and healthy. We will meet again soon, until then, we hope you enjoy this edition. Let us know your thoughts. Please write to us at and we will be elated!


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