Golden Jubilee Reunions are always special We have tried to make it more memorable with our this special edition dedicated for 73 Batch!!

Join us to know about how the UVCE Graduates Association 3rd AGM went and read the proceedings in detail.

We have one more batch of students ready to graduate from UVCE and we have always tried to capture their thoughts of the 4 years of college. Check out our “Campus Says” section. We have some updates about Govt support for UVCE and UVCE students in the newspapers.

Most importantly, the focus of this edition is the 73 Batch Golden Anniversary celebration. We have tried our best to portray the extremely impressive profiles of the 73 batch. It is evident that we will be motivated by going through these wonderful achievers from the batch of 1973, as they celebrate their Golden Jubilee this year. We also have some interviews, articles, memories along with some amazing photos inside this edition.

The edition is a tad bit long, but it’s a treasure trove of information you wouldn’t get anywhere else!

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