In continuation to the series, here’s episode 2 – which delves into the importance of goal setting and how it impacts your journey.


Priyank Patil
Mechanical Engineering, UVCE (Batch of 2012)
MBA in Supply Chain Management, Syracuse University, USA (2018)
Currently Business Analyst at Clarke Power Services, Cincinnati, USA


1. What inspired you to take Masters and especially the yearn to do it abroad?
I grew up in a small town with limited resources. I have not let that hold me back from taking up challenges and bigger responsibilities. I have always set higher goals for myself.
At my first job as a CAE analyst at Mercedes Benz Research and Development India, I had developed a solid foundation in teamwork, analytical and organizing skills. My goals kept evolving through various experiences in my professional and personal life.
In early 2014, I, along with 3 of my classmates co-founded ThinkThread, a custom merchandise ecommerce start-up. We completed end-to-end logistics on around 15 orders. We were committed to on-time delivery and quality. However, by the end of the same year, the course of action disintegrated due to supplier generated problems. From the shortcomings experienced during this venture, I came to realize that I needed to improve on my negotiation, leadership, and people skills which an MBA could accomplish. After speaking to numerous alumni and professors during the admissions process, I was sure that the MBA at Whitman School of Management was the perfect choice for me.

2. What was your experience and what kind of transformation did you have to go through from having been part of India’s(/UVCE’s) undergraduate system to a education system abroad for masters?
Apart from dealing with the cold, there were no major hurdles getting adjusted to the hectic academic schedule of the American education system . I attribute this preparedness to 4 years of my professional experience. One might think the adjustment from Bangalore, India, to Syracuse, New York, would be a difficult one, but, for me, it’s been a welcome and rewarding transition. At Syracuse University, in addition to the course work, I was actively involved with the Whitman Consulting Club and Franklin Supply Chain Club, which provided me with numerous opportunities to hone my leadership, time management and problem-solving skills through experiential learning.

3. From your experience or learnings, what according to you is the key factors that one should work (eg., academics, financial position, personality development, skillset or anything) whilst planning for masters abroad?
While planning for masters abroad, the first step is to decide the program you want to apply for and concentrate the efforts on doing really well on the appropriate test (GRE/GMAT). Better the test scores, better the chances of scholarship at reputed institutions.
When I joined UVCE, I did not have the ambition nor the exposure to the possibilities beyond completing my engineering degree. Professional life exposed me to various opportunities and made me understand my strengths and weaknesses. Having a good experience helps while applying to colleges in the US but is not always necessary. So, if one is not sure of their interests and goals, it is better to opt for professional career for a while. It also gives an opportunity to plan ones financials in cases where financial support from family is not feasible.