Sampada 88 is here and has a lot in store for you to catch up on UVCE! Its the fest season at UVCE as Milagro is just round the corner and

will happen on May 19th and 20th! What’s more? We at VisionUVCE have planned an exclusive event for at Milagros so that you can get an opportunity to reminiscence your memories whilst enjoying the fest fun!
Memories? Wait a minute! How about sharing some with us in the form of articles, photos and interviews with us to give a glimpse of UVCE’s Centennial Journey for our souvenir AVALOKANA! More details inside!
With the all the even semesters coming to end, the Final Years have started passing the baton for their various and enjoying their last few days of college. So catch an exclusive interview of the new IEEE Chairperson speaking and our very UVCE final year students sharing 4 years of experience and memories.
We also have an interview from namma very own UVCE Alumni who had visited to cherish their memories at UVCE. Read more inside.