After a long wait and fight, finally some good news for UVCE. A institution which has reached a historic milestone of 100 years has been given some respite by the Karnataka State Govt by sanctioning the 25 crores, which was allotted during the previous year budget by Hon’ble Chief Minister Siddaramaiah citing the cause as  “Heritage Building Renovation during its Centenary Year”.

All the stake holders – faculty, students, alumni – have been demanding the renovation of the heritage building from a long time. This building has stood strong through the time. The institute- a dream of BharatRatna Sir M Visvesvaraya- himself, needs restoration and makeover which will make sure it will continue for a  long time. The 25 Crores allotted has been officially permitted to use now to repair and modernize the existing building at K R Circle as per the below images (Click to enlarge)

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  1. Based on the Task Force Report and PWD Engineers Recommendation, the 25 crores has been sanctioned to restore the current building structres of UVCE
  2. Major Works at Mechancial block (restoration of beams and columns); Renovation of entire Mech block; Providing infrastructure to 2nd Floor is allocated around 7.9 Crores
  3. Renovation of Hydraulic Lab; Renovation of Main iconic building; Improvement of Electronics Block; Restoring Physics/Chemistry block; Repair works of Lecture Complex and Library is allotted around 8.2 Crores
  4. Dismantling of existing structures of Foundry, Fitting Shop, Carpentry; Construction of temporary structures for functioning of mechanical labs/workshops; Excavation for leveling and disposal of soil; Infrastructure facilities for foundry, lathe, fitting, smithy workshops is allotted 8.9 crores
  5. Public Works Department to overlook the entire project and provide a project proposal. It has to follow all the necessary regulations and execute the project in a transparent manner.
  6. The entire project needs to be completed within 1  year. This letter is the administrative approval to utilize the funds and start the process.

We congratulate everyone who worked tirelessly to get the funds released. It was very crucial to get it approved now before the next year budget, unless which the funds would be lapsed. We specially want to thank Madhav, Superindenting Engineer (1984 Civil) for his constant efforts at his end along with various authorities both at University/College side as well as at the Govt side. He shared the progress and other details with everyone on a regular basis. He mentioned that “About 8 to 9 Engineers from PWD were constantly involved in this work and very persuasive in getting this sanctioned. It is headed by Dr.Jagadeesh; Mr Mruthunjaya Swamy CE; Prof Srinivasamurthy B R, Professor at IISc and Task force Chairman, Suresh GT;  Prasad. R, SE;  Dr.Shantharajanna, SE;  Basavaraj Koti, CE;  Retd Chief Architect, PWD and many Assistant Engineers from PWD”. Our heartfelt thanks to all the people who worked selflessly and were instrumental in getting the funds sanctioned. We hope the UVCE alumni fraternity will agree with us and so will the future generations who will study in this great institution.

We thank the college authorities too and wish that they will join hands with the PWD and make sure all tasks are smoothly done and make the Centenary Year even more meaningful to the college.