If you think, with UVCE Graduates Association and VisionUVCE activities, we have totally forgot about Alumni Association, you are wrong. We have kept one eye on the proceedings there as well. But for the new readers, here are the links to know the saga of UVCE Alumni Association so far:

Few alumni have been persistent in their efforts and after the fact the present office bearers withdrew their case for “Request to Stay” the Govt Order, they approached the respective officials and requested them to continue with the official proceedings. Based on the same, there has been official Order in the “Gazette Notification” of Aug 22nd, 2019, which can be summarized as below:

  • As per the Dep Registrar’s order, the 21 Days Notification was to be issued to all the members and other due procedures had to be followed for conducting the elections.
  • Without following these specific orders, the existing office bearers claim to have conducted the elections even before and have failed to abide the rules. The same has been noted by the Observer who was appointed to make a note of the proceedings of the day.
  • Based on these reports, a notification was sent to the Alumni Association asking why the Govt should not appoint an “Administrator” to take care of the proceedings.
  • The response given from the Alumni Association is that they have been transparent in all manners and followed all the rules & regulations duly. Hence, there is no need to appoint administrator.
  • But, since the response is not satisfactory, it has been decided to appoint an Administrator as per the Govt Order (SAE SASU 70/2018 ). Smt Vinutha V, Senior Inspector, Co-Operative Societies Dep. Registrar, 4th Zone, Bangalore has been appointed in this position and has been given directions to conduct elections in a transparent manner and hand over the responsibilities to the new elected team within the period of next 6 months.

The order has been published on Aug 22nd Gazette Notification (which is available online for viewing). Here are the images of the same. FYI, The above is not a literal translation of the order. You can click on the images to enlarge the same.


Based on this order, the Alumni Association has again approached the High Court for withholding the “Appointment of the Administrator. But, if we observe carefully, the petition was filed on 17th August, 2019, few days before the Gazette Notification had even passed. You can check the status in the below link:

URL: https://karnatakajudiciary.kar.nic.in/caseStatus_CaseNumber.aspx

Bench: Bengaluru

Case Type: WP

Case Number: 36419

Case Year: 2019

Current Status: O/OBJ., IGNORED- HCGP ACCP N TO R1 & R2

We will keep you posted on further updates as and when they happen.